40 Years

Congratulations on celebrating the American Optometric Association's 40th year of commitment to the paraoptometric!  Your professional advocacy and dedication to meet the eye care needs of the public bring value to the world of optometry each day.  Paraoptometrics have strengthened the quality of care and will continue to make a great impact on the profession for years to come.

Join the celebration at Optometry's Meeting June 20-24, 2018 Denver, CO

You don't want to miss these exciting complimentary events. 

Paraoptometric Awards Luncheon - Thursday, June 21, 12-1pm

Paraoptometric 40th Anniversary Celebration and Idea Exchange - Thursday, June 21, 1:15-3pm

Both events celebrate you and your peers!  Join us for a superb luncheon sponsored by Alcon where we will recognize this year's Paraoptometric of the Year and Paraoptometric Community Service honorees. The 40th-anniversary celebration is compliments of Luxottica and includes a champagne toast, desserts, anniversary gifts and significant raffle prizes. 

It's not too late to join the fun and register for these events. I can't wait to meet you! 

Register today!  



Erlinda Rodriguez, CPO
Chair, The Paraoptometric Resource Center

1980 Janet McMahon California
1981 Shirley Hughes Michigan
1982 Ruth Zauri California
1983 Anne Bultman South Carolina
1984 Patricia Catoe South Carolina
1985 Theola Amundson Pennsylvania
1986 Ann Bremer Louisiana
1987 Audrey Bartal Ohio
1988 Sandra Penney Wisconsin
1989 Jackie Keller Washington
1990 Lori Jean Helgeson, CPOT Florida
1991 Larry Medlock Arkansas
1992 Kathryn Wood, CPOT Oklahoma
1993 Amy Endo, CPOT Hawaii
1994 Susan Leidel Wisconsin
1995 Tami Franklin, CPOT Nebraska
1996 Diane Lehtinen Iowa
1997 Jill Luebbert, CPOT Nebraska
1998 Carol Schartner, CPOA Pennsylvania
1999 Mary Dunn, CPOT Maine
2000 Jan Harmsen Wisconsin
2001 Elaine Bowers, CPOA Colorado
2002 Billie Taylor, CPOT Virginia
2003 Sue McAteer, CPOT New Jersey
2004 Cathy Trejo, CPOT Colorado
2005 Lynn Lawrence, CPOT Florida
2006 Mary Jameson, CPOT Pennsylvania
2007 Susan Henry, CPOT Virginia
2008 Beverly Roberts, CPOT Mississippi
2009 Dianna Sweet, CPOT Michigan
2010 Lynn Konkel, CPOT Wisconsin
2011 Shoni Sharp, CPOT Michigan
2012 Vera Kohler, CPOA Pennsylvania
2013 Amy Godeaux, CPOT Louisiana
2014 Roberta Beers, CPOT Pennsylvania
2015 Marilyn Beeson, CPOA Mississippi
2016 Evelyn Denise Lott, CPOT Mississippi
2017 Sally Greeley, CPOT Maine
2018 Carol Lovell, CPOT, CPOC Wyoming