Tools & Resources

Here's a list of helpful tools, resources and opportunities to help you grow as a student and future optometrist.

Student Member Benefits 
Advance your career, stay informed, volunteer your talents, share knowledge and build your professional skills.

AOA Compass
Your personal guide to optometry school.

American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) 
If you're a member of the AOSA, you're a member of the AOA! 
The nation's top source of information for optometry students.

Your "one-stop" resource for services to help you start your career and grow your practice.

Optometry's Career Center 
Where opportunity meets success, start your career here.

AOA Political Action Committee (PAC) 
Ensure your voice is heard. Get involved today.

AOA Focus
Optometry's best-read publication that helps you stay current on the issues facing optometry.

AOA Special Interest Section Memberships 
Sports Vision, Contact Lens & Cornea and Vision Rehabilitation, all included with your AOSA/AOA student membership.

Participating AOA member ODs provide comprehensive eye and vision assessments for infants within the first year of life.

Since 1991, AOA member ODs provide services at no cost to people in need.

Diabetes & Eye Health
The AOA's website dedicated to diabetes awareness and education.